Our Board

Our board

Our Board enables shared leadership of Creative Wakefield

Collectively, Board members make decisions about the approach that Creative Wakefield will take and its future direction, guided by the Creative Wakefield Framework. They provide support and ideas to help Creative Wakefield to achieve the best it can for our businesses and residents.

The role of the Board is to:

Our Board Members (click the image to learn more about each Board Member)

Illustrations by Abbey Withington

Bob Clayden
Claire Alizon Hills
Claire Beaumont
Clare Clarkson
Clare Hunt
Helen Pheby
Judi Alston
Julie Russell
Kate Honeyman
Kevin Trickett MBE
An illustrated portrait of Creative Wakefield Board Chair, Steven Michael - by Abbey Withington. Steven is a white man with a shaved head, wearing black rimmed glasses and a blue polo shirt. He is looking at the viewer smiling. The portrait is fun and playful in style, on a dark brown background.
Victoria Boome (Image coming soon)