Financing Creativity; The Business of Art with James Bedford

This 2 hour webinar will provide you with a concise overview of the investment landscape explaining which avenues of finance are available to creative businesses - from debt finance and venture capital to crowdfunding and public funds.  James also addresses key questions such as how and when should a creative business look to raise investment? Why are the creative industries different from other sectors? And, what are investors really looking for?

Financing Creativity; Partnerships and Private Funds with Elizabeth Louden

This 2 hour webinar will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of philanthropic funding and how creative businesses, whilst sometimes ineligible to apply directly for these types of funds, can still unlock this avenue to finance by creating strategic partnerships with organisations. An interesting approach for accessing alternative finance.  

Financing Creativity; How to be Pitch Perfect with James Bedford

This 2 hour webinar will provide you with clear instruction on how to structure and deliver your finance pitch. James also explains key legal documentation and terminology associated with different types of finance e.g. cap tables, term sheets, agreements and convertible loans. 

Designing Your Creative Business with David Parrish

This 2 hour webinar addresses the fundamental questions all entrepreneurs must consider when in the early stages of building a creative business. David takes viewers through the process of defining success and outlines how to find the right clients/audiences through strategic marketing - all with the aim of devising a winning business formula.