Seminar Series_ Virtual Reality vs. Commercial Reality _ Backstage Academy

Backstage Academy launch seminar series – 5 November

Backstage Academy launch seminar series

Thursday 5 November, 2-6pm

Part of the Backstage Innovation Centre project, this seminar series will feature regular events aimed at technology, content development, market trends, and showcasing profiles of leading businesses.

In the first event of the series, Virtual Reality vs. Commercial Reality, the focus will be on immersive technology – looking in particular at XR/VR and AR.

This seminar is for companies looking to broaden their knowledge of augmented and virtual reality technologies and how they can add value to their business offer. It will showcase some real-life examples of how these are already being used and hear from studios and developers working on client solutions today.

Featuring Chair and Keynote speaker Sol Rogers, CEO and founder of REWIND Studio, BAFTA Immersive Entertainment Advisory Group and the Chairman of Immerse UK.