Cooperative Innovations

Andy Campbell Immersive, Mentors

Cooperative Innovations

Company Overview

Cooperative Innovations is an immersive technology studio. We build, license and implement high-quality immersive worlds to play in, explore, learn from and share with others. We have a core belief that immersive technology is the future of entertainment, work and life. We have a passion for removing the barriers to creating compelling, immersive experiences for all to enjoy. But we also believe that people are the multiplier for any technology, so our work is focused on educating and empowering creators, technologists and consumers to create shared, social spaces. To do that, we have an ongoing commitment to establishing best practice in immersive development through extensive R&D, the creation of industry-leading tools and technology, and training and knowledge-sharing.

Areas of Specialism for Mentoring

  • Business Development
  • Fundraising / Investment (up to £1m)
  • Business strategy and models
  • Work For Hire
  • Technology and Content Development 
  • Immersive User Experience
  • Human Resources / Technical Recruitment

Simon Barrett, CEO & Co-Founder


Simon has mentored several games businesses over the last 10 years from mini studios to 40 person teams. He has consulted for University of York in knowledge transfer around exploiting research in the market. He also worked with Next Gen Skills Academy producing materials for skills development across all aspects of games development.

Simon has 21 years’ industry experience, including 14 years as a studio head. His background is primarily as a programmer but his role various from business development, fundraising and leading the team through to design and R&D. Simon has a strong international network, is a long standing board member of industry association Ukie, ambassador for charity SpecialEffect and chair of the University of Leeds School of Computing Steering Group.

“We’re very happy to be involved in this brilliant programme and both Emma and I are looking forward to working with the brilliant cohort.”

Emma Cooper, Business Development


Emma has worked in the interactive media sector for well over 15yrs, the previous 5 years before joining Cooperative Innovations she was working as both a producer and a consultant helping creative digital businesses both finding their feet in their early days and those navigating growth.

Emma is a BAFTA winning producer and an accomplished leader in digital strategy. She has worked in interactive design for nearly 20 years. She is an advisory committee member of The Children’s Media Conference and a member of the BIMA Immersive Council.