Birdsong Soul Song

Andy CampbellCreative Challenge Commissions, Performing Arts

Birdsong Soul Song

A new composition, with additional choral arrangement and soundscape by Wakefield musician Ali Bullivent

Birdsong Soul Song was supported by Creative Challenge 2020 as a commission to explore the newfound awareness of birdsong in the Wakefield District during lockdown. The work celebrates and draws inspiration from everyday people who overcome adversity and the connection to the environment and her own experiences and life journey.

Over 60 people contributed to the project directly through sending photos and videos of birds taken during lockdown, their thoughts on hearing and seeing the birds, and their favourite poems about birds.

The song has been streamed live online for several events and has culminated in already over 10,000 views. ‘Birdsong Soul Song’ has also has an accompanying choral arrangement which Ali has taught to several choirs online over Zoom. In addition there is also an abstract soundscape that mimics birdsong and the joy found in birdsong.