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Dandelions and Double Yellows - Your Gallery

An art, nature and noticing project by Wakefield artist Helen Thomas.

Dandelions and Double Yellows is an arts, nature and noticing project by Wakefield based artist Helen Thomas. The project is an invitation to take time to notice  and reconsider the plants growing on pavements, and in our everyday surroundings. These plants, which are often overlooked or dismissed as weeds, can contribute to urban biodiversity as well as bringing colour and interest to our neighbourhoods, villages and towns.
Helen made paintings inspired by pavement plants in Wakefield; working from direct observation at path edges, corners of car parks and in-between spaces, and in her studio at The Art House where she painted from photographs and memory. These paintings were exhibited at Wakefield Cathedral from 10th July -15th August 2021.
From May to July 2021 Helen invited people from across the Wakefield District to submit their responses to pavement plants to be included in Dandelions and Double Yellows - Your Gallery. 

Over 50 people from across the district, and some from further afield, submitted images for this digital gallery. Responses included: photography, drawing, painting, digital, lyrics, two hapa zome prints (made using the natural pigments in leaves and flowers), a cyanotype, and a print made with a used tetra-pack carton. 

 The plants include daisy, poppy, dandelion, bramble, red clover, herb robert, ragwort, harts tongue fern, moss, lichen, groundsel and many more.
Dandelions and Double Yellows is supported using public funding by Arts Council England and has been part funded as part of Festival of the Earth, led by Wakefield Council from July to October 2021 across the Wakefield district.
Read more about Dandelions and Double Yellows, and Helen’s work, on her website.