Life Lessons

Andy CampbellCreative Challenge Commissions, Creative Writing, Visual Arts


A photography and poetry project led by Wakefield creatives Paul Bateson and Mark Ratcliffe

Life Lessons received funding from the Creative Challenge 2020 Covid projects grants to help chronicle life in Wakefield during the Coronavirus pandemic. The project documented life in three Castleford schools during the height of the lockdown.

Working with 32 children and 8 teachers the artists created series of poignant portrait photographs and poetry written by the teachers and key worker’s children reflecting on their experiences. The project has garnered coverage in the Yorkshire Post and Educate Magazine.

Katie from Castleford: Portrait and Poem



A lonely time
A time of missing
Time without family - especially Nan

Wanting to go
Wanting to see

Giving hugs and kisses is missed
A time of being locked in
A time of rest.