Eastmoor Community Project

One Voice Online

Andy CampbellPerforming Arts


Bringing young people together to create, through the exploration of music and song. Improving wellbeing and encouraging future artistic growth during Lockdown.

Eastmoor Community Project transferred their weekly singing group for young people to online delivery during Covid. They provided each participant with the relevant tech needed to have a valuable experience from the sessions.

“Times have been stressful during lockdown, and I’m glad that there’s a different time that I can sing with my friends”

One Voice Online provided creative structure for young people in a time when their boundaries were limited and limitless. The project ran for several weeks, and when socialising sanctions allowed, the sessions moved outdoors and participants enjoyed workshops outside and socially distanced.

When returning to face-to-face outdoor sessions:
“I’ve never smiled so much in my life, honestly… I was so excited I almost ran there”

“I’ve not been able to sit my GCSEs, or do my prom, or have that proper leaver’s ceremony. [The session] was somewhere I could talk to somebody, and this was just a way that I could express myself positively”

One Voice Online has continued to engage with young people in Eastmoor, and the group even created their own music Christmas videos, and shared these with local care homes.


Eastmoor Community Project