Tony Wade

A Place for Places

Evie GodfreyVisual Arts

a place for places

A series of 40 paintings during Tony’s daily exercise walks in Wakefield.

The series starts on Friday 20th March, three days before national lockdown. Tony’s paintings were completed from documentation and memories of the daily exercise walks that were allowed under the new restrictions, and were painted on the same day as each walk.

The places painted are all of Wakefield, within a 30-minute walking distance from Tony’s house. They capture life in Wakefield during this unique time, showing familiar places but eerily quiet.

Tony hopes that the paintings will encourage you to look at your surroundings and to find beauty and enjoyment in what’s there – no matter how urban, or ‘every day’ they may seem.

After 10 weeks of lockdown restrictions and 40 paintings, this series came to an end on 1st June 2020.

See the full collection on Tony’s website

Tony Wade