Sing and Breathe @ Home

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Supporting adults experiencing long-term lung conditions through online group sessions.

Social-i-Sing, led by Jackie Craig, received Creative Challenge 2020 funding to take their previously Culture Cures funded Wakefield Sing & Breathe group online.

The new online sessions consisted of 24 sessions, with a total of 171 engagements. The online sessions meant that those suffering from long-term lung conditions, such as COPD, could still access the sessions to aid their health whilst in lockdown and isolating at home.

All participants reported improvements to their wellbeing, with the group being a focal point of their week and something to look forward to.  They have also all made new friendships and valued the social aspect of the group.  One of the group who has oxygen therapy has reduced their oxygen intake from 3 litres per minute to 2 litres per minute since engaging in the online group.

In addition, Jackie Craig, created a series of 3 short videos with breathing exercises to help cope with breathlessness. Everyone can now access these videos to learn how to breathe better and improve their lung health. See the videos below! 

Video sessions led by Jackie Craig from Social-I-Sing, with thanks to Gary Lee for filming and editing, and to Stride Theatre for the use of their premises for filming.

Sing and Breathe at Home

Breathing Exercises Part 1

Breathing Exercises Part 2

Breathing Exercises Part 3