Seanna Doonan

Wakefield Unmasked

Evie GodfreyVisual Arts

wakefield unmasked

Seanna Doonan has created a series of illustrations in response to the pandemic in Wakefield

Seanna Doonan has responded to the past year and how the pandemic affected our lives in Wakefield.

Seanna has created a series of illustrations, and a wall hanging, that show specifically how Wakefield has handled the experience of the pandemic. Familiar streets, landmarks and buildings of Wakefield are the backdrop to this series of works.

When the pandemic started, she noticed how in unnatural it felt for us all to be so apart and how as a society, we are actually more together then we realise. These works are an honest account of lockdown, showing the ups and downs of life in the last twelve months in Wakefield.

Seanna Doonan