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Historical Context of Race in Music

22nd January 2024 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Arts Marketing Association

This Equity, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging and Acceptance (EDIBA) webinar series will explore how traditional and contemporary arts and culture has shaped the language and archives of the arts, heritage and cultural sector today.

As practitioners who use language to communicate and create procedures, this session is an essential part of one of many portals/vehicles that shift the focus of our work to becoming more equitable and just.

This session looks at the historical context of race in music and will describe specific historic references, the use of music to tell stories of disappearing traditions, and the value of a UK Acknowledgement statement.

This session will:

  • Help shift our perspectives and acknowledge the language we use to communicate arts, heritage and culture in a racialised context.
  • Provide insights into the positions and spaces that Black British music and performance occupies in the subsidised sector today.
  • Foster empowerment and confidence to explore the hyperlocal and archival stories that reside in our organisation.

Any prior knowledge/experience needed to benefit from this session?

Attendees will already be working for, or with, an organisation that has a team which in turn serves an audience in the arts, heritage and cultural sector. Attendees will have read the UK Acknowledgement statement or /and visited AMA’s Social Justice page.

Find out more and how to sign up by visiting, Historical Context of Race in Music – Arts Marketing Association (a-m-a.co.uk)