Lord Whitney

Andy Campbell Marketing and PR, Mentors


Company Overview

We create immersive experiences, performances and spaces that inspire a sense of wonder and possibility.   Using skillful storytelling, mind-blowing design and a deep understanding of people, we make work changes how people think and feel. We believe that exploring different worlds allows people to discover new possibilities, new ways of thinking and remember that their own world can be whatever they believe it to be. 

As an artist-led company, we make our own work as well as collaborate with brands, businesses and other creatives on immersive projects that need our distinctive style. Working closely from concept to production to installation and even performance, we deliver experiences that challenge perceptions, defy convention, and embrace the strange.

We create playgrounds, not plays

Beyond projects we also seek to support our community by engaging with and empowering other artists and creative organisations. We use our knowledge, time and our dedicated venue, Scott Hall Mills, to create space to learn, try new things and build your own world.


Areas of Specialism for Mentoring

We are currently undergoing a period of business development to focus more on immersive storytelling as a practice, be that through events, spatial design or in the digital realm.  Our background for the past 10 years alongside immersive storytelling has been working in art direction and set design in the film, TV and advertising industry so we have plenty of experience in these areas too. We have been running our own business for over 10 years now so alongside our practice we can also offer mentoring in other areas such as:

  • business development
  • pitching projects
  • brand strategy
  • finances
  • fund raising
  • project management
  • budget management

Over the past 10 years we have worked with numerous universities as both guest lecturers’ and also as more permanent member of the team, once covering a 6 month maternity place as lecturer in Illustration BA Hons as Stockport College.

We have a passion for working with graduates and newly emerging artists and have worked with students and graduates over the years on work placement schemes and internships that we used to run within Lord Whitney. These have often gone on to form long lasting relationships and on going informal mentorship as people transition into the industry. 

Over the past 6 years after taking on the entire building of Scott Hall Mills we have built a shared artist workspace and a number of other rentable spaces for small businesses. We provide affordable workspace and also work with the artists/ businesses to provide support where needed. We recently received and ACE project grant to develop this side to our work alongside emergency ACE funding which has helped us to support all of our tenants during the Covid19 pandemic.

Amy Lord, Creative Director


As one of the founders of Lord Whitney Amy has been instrumental in shaping the business into the artistic powerhouse that it is today. Over the last ten years, through Amy’s innovative creative vision and exceptional leadership skills, Lord Whitney has gone on to imagine and realise large scale immersive experiences taking on commissions from both the UK and internationally across the arts and commercial sector. Lord Whitney has also gone on to lecture and deliver courses in many universities as well as provide mentoring opportunities for emerging creatives and artists

“We’re an artist-led studio who dream-up immersive experiences, performances and spaces that inspire wonder. We create worlds that defy convention and allow audiences to peek behind the curtain of ‘real life’ and imagine new possibilities of what their world could be. We love collaboration. We love to learn from others and discover new things so its important to us to support other artists and creative organisations wherever we can. We aim to provide scope and space for others to experiment and grow.” 

Harry May-Bedell, Creative Associate


As a Creative Associate Harry plays an integral role in creating and realising projects as well as influencing brand and business strategy for Lord Whitney. With over 12 years’ experience in digital and brand communication has delivered high-impact campaigns and innovative consumer experiences for some of the world best-known brands. As performer and theatre-maker in his own right Harry is actively writing and producing theatre, comedy and immersive experiences nationwide including sell-out shows for Leeds International Festival.