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Artist and Project Support

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Artist and Project Support

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Launchpad Artist and Project Support , delivered by Launchpad / Music Local, invites applications for targeted support for emerging artists, musicians, producers, bands, composers, emerging music professionals and businesses (such as those wanting to work in music management, events, record labels, publishing and more). Yorkshire-based musicians eligible to apply to receive support via one to one advice, performance opportunities, recording support, career and business development, and funding.

Since 2019, nearly 130 artists from across Yorkshire have been supported through Launchpad, which works to reach, select and support a diverse representation across music genres and communities. Launchpad Artists will be put forward for performance opportunities such as Live At Leeds, Long Division, The Great Escape, Sensoria Festival, Barnsley Live, Noisy Villages, and Howard Assembly Room.

Application deadline: 5pm Monday 10th April

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