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Beyond Borders Music Grants

R Hollis

Beyond Borders Music Grants

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Beyond Borders Grants are available from PRS Foundation to support co-commissions and performances of new musical works by UK not-for-profit organisations in a framework which guarantees live performances in at least three different countries.

The following eligibility criteria apply:

• Applications must consist of at least three partners, each from a different UK/Ireland region.
• There must be a lead partner for each application comprising a festival, venue, promoter or performing group with organisational capacity and infrastructure to deliver the proposed project.
• There must be a minimum of three live performances between the decision date and the end of the following calendar year, reaching audiences in at least three UK/Ireland regions.
• Collaborations can involve co-commissioning new works or co-promoting music written by UK/Ireland-based music creators during the past five years.
• Larger partnerships, incorporating additional international organisations, are encouraged.

Grants of up to £15,000 available.

Apply before 18th September 2023.

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