Blue Spark Foundation Grants

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Blue Spark Foundation Grants

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Blue Spark Foundation Grants

The Blue Spark Foundation provide funds for projects initiated or undertaken by schools, colleges, community groups, clubs, societies or other organisations in England to improve the education and development of children and young people through educational, cultural, sporting and other activities. They aim to support those which might not happen at all or would only happen on a lesser scale without any support. Individuals may also apply for a grant and BlueSpark may undertake or initiate projects in its own right.

They aim to help children and young people reach their full potential by supporting projects which have the following objectives:

  • Encouraging independence
  • Developing team working skills
  • Developing self confidence
  • Promoting creativity & individuality
  • Encouraging aspiration
  • Enhancing educational achievement
  • Widening educational horizons

Up to £5,000 available (Awarded grants must constitute a significant proportion of the costs of the project rather than being marginally incremental to its funding)

There is no deadline to apply for funding

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