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Bullying and Harassment – Creative UK e-learning Module

Gemma Colley

Bullying and Harassment – Creative UK e-learning Module

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Creative UK have recently released e-learning about bullying and harassment. This was released on the back of research indicating that 46% of workers in the film and television sector across the UK reported being bullied at work, twice the rate of the workforce in the wider economy. In advertising, research indicates 26% of the workforce have been sexually harassed, 72% of this group of people report having been harassed more than once. In music, research shows that 48% of musicians report having experienced some form of sexual harassment at work and that 85% of victims did not report it. No abuse towards any individual is acceptable. Women, young workers, freelancers, and people working extended hours are particularly vulnerable. The cultural and creative industries has a duty of care to act.

To find out more and to complete the e-learning, visit: Bullying & Harassment – Creative UK (


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