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CHWA Conference 2023: CALL OUT

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CHWA Conference 2023: CALL OUT

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Could your work inspire others to reimagine practice, grow alliances, or change policies? This is an invitation to collaborate at the Making Change, the Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance national conference.

The Culture Health and Wellbeing Alliance want to hear and learn from different voices and practices that promote good health and wellbeing or are addressing health inequalities through creativity.

They recognise that people whose work combines creativity / culture with health and health inequalities don’t always:

  • Identify with ‘creative health’
  • Use the language we use to describe the work
  • See themselves represented in the sector

People who relate to this are also invited to contribute.

There are two opportunities to offer contributions to the conference:

Cultivating Conversations
Submit a reflection, provocation or activity to get people talking and thinking afresh. These will either be included in panels in the main space or as a slightly longer talk in a breakout space. Either way, more than one person can be included in this. Tell CHWA about what change you want to make and how you are going about it. CHWA want to hear about your aims, process, and approach, rather than simply showcasing your practice or findings. They’re interested in failure and risk – talk about what hasn’t worked as well as what has.

  • Time available for a provocation/presentation: 10 minutes as part of a panel discussion; 20 mins for a talk in a breakout space
  • Time available for workshop based activity: up to 1 hour

Creative Nourishments
Fostering wellbeing is part of creating the conditions for change. The aim of CHWA is to create as much space as we can for creative, disruptive and embodied activities. The Alliance know that people are looking for opportunities to connect, refresh and make together. Do you have something you would like to offer to help create a nurturing and inspiring space?

This could be:

  • A creative workshop or activity
  • A performance (this would need to be relatively low-tech) or
  • An imaginative approach to bringing people to together

Application deadline: Noon, Monday 5 June

Event dates:

11-13 October 2023

Event taking place at: Various venues across Barnsley Town Centre

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