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Creative Industries and the Climate Emergency

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Creative Industries and the Climate Emergency

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Julie’s Bicycle, BOP Consulting and Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre (PEC) have partnered to publish the UK’s first review of the Creative Industries and Net Zero.

Launched on 19 October 2022, this landmark report brings together for the first time a sector-by-sector overview of the creative industries, looks at the huge amount of activity taking place, and what more the sector needs to do to reach Net Zero.

The report finds that across all sub-sectors including; architecture, design, fashion, film, galleries, games design, museums, music and publishing, the creative sector is innovating in production, design and supply.

It identifies key successes but also highlights the barriers to progress for each sub-sector and where further action is needed – highlighting gaps in our knowledge, and demonstrating where sectors can learn from each other, and serve as a much-needed call to action. Government support to encourage the industry-led action would be welcome and specifically more investment for applied research is needed.

Alison Tickell, Founder and CEO of Julie’s Bicycle says:

“For so long we’ve asked what is needed to motivate the political, economic and social change urgently needed. This report provides an answer; culture. Not only do the arts motivate change through storytelling and the unique ability to inspire connection and empathy but on a very practical level; it is these industries that across all sub-sectors are adapting their processes and monitoring impact. We find clear evidence of a willingness to learn and change from CEOs, boards, employees and artists themselves; it is clear culture is ready to prioritise change.”

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