Discover, Develop, Create with Xplor

Andy Campbell

Discover, Develop, Create with Xplor

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Creative UK, AD:VENTURE and XPLOR are partnering up to create an exciting opportunity for 12 creative businesses/freelancers based in West Yorkshire.

This fully funded offer consists of a two-day (14 hour) support package at Production Park led by XPLOR’s Virtual Production team to help businesses/freelancers discover creative solutions, develop new products and services for their clients and understand about the potential of virtual production and XR.

Areas of focus throughout the 14 hours will be LED screen setup, camera tracking, working with plate shots on LED, integrating 3D Unreal content and lighting for LED studios.


This opportunity will run throughout June and July 2022 with dates to suit the businesses taking part


This opportunity is open to West Yorkshire based Small or Medium Enterprises (SME) and freelancers working in film, TV, games, corporate video production, conferencing, and live events companies.

Due to the limited spaces available priority will be given to early-stage businesses who have not been supported through any previous XPLOR VP seminars and bootcamps.


Based in Production Park in Wakefield, XPLOR is the world’s first research and innovation centre for entertainment technology and production. Specialising in collective problem solving and pioneering research and development, it is a unique facility that drives experimentation and excellence and supports disruptive growth in entertainment technology and production.

Through this support programme, funded by AD:VENTURE, XPLOR will offer 12 businesses a bespoke diagnostic session to better understand their clients, challenges, and areas of interest. After which, the team will evaluate what VP/XR solutions and applications that will be best suited for the participants requirements and prepare feedback.

Businesses will then have the unique opportunity to film for one day in the state-of-the-art XPLOR Virtual Production studio.

After businesses have taken part in this support programme, Creative UK will continue their development journey with the offer of 10 hours industry mentor of their choice, fully funded, and all participants will have the opportunity to continue working with their AD:VENTURE adviser to support their business growth journey.

Application Process:

Please complete the application form HERE

Application deadline: 

We anticipate huge demand for this programme, and places will be allocated on first come first served basis (Subject to eligibility)

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