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Early Career Music Promoters Training Scheme

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Early Career Music Promoters Training Scheme

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Early Career Music Promoters Training Scheme

Are you from Leeds, aged 18 to 30, and fanatical about music? Would you like the chance to run your own events and help the city’s music scene evolve? If so, Leeds year of Culture 2023 wants to hear from you!

LEEDS 2023 and Come Play With Me are  looking for 12 up-and-coming talented music promoters at the start of their careers looking to boost their skills in the live music industry.

Known for putting out releases of all genres from the most exciting artists across the Leeds City Region, Come Play With Me is a social enterprise championing the awesome diversity of great music from our corner of the world. This is a unique chance to learn from experts and collaborate with them to create and promote your very own gig and play an exciting part in our city’s spectacular year of culture.


Scheme Overview

The Early Career Music Promoters Training Scheme includes workshops, mentorship, placements and live projects, all designed to help early career promoters gain confidence and professional experience in the music industry. It’s an amazing chance to dive deeper into the city’s music scene and reach brand new audiences. The scheme includes –

Workshops led by ‘Come Play With Me’ to grow your skills and confidence as a music promoter

  • Mentorship from industry professionals
  • ‘Come Platform Me’ – the chance to co-create and co-promote your own event
  • The opportunity to collaborate with the LEEDS 2023 on a special  ‘LEEDS 2023 Music Event’
  • The chance to undertake a placement within the events industry, tailored to your interests, for up to 15 days (112.5 hours) within the music industry

You’ll gain experience in lots of different areas, including:

  • Project management
  • Budget management
  • Booking acts
  • Artist and agent negotiations
  • Building relationships with local venues and technicians
  • PR and marketing
  • Scheduling
  • Liaising with artists
  • Running events on the night



Participants will need to commit to:

  • 52.5 hours (seven days) for developing the LEEDS 2023 Music Event between 17 April and 22 June 2023
  • 15 hours (two days) for developing their ‘Come Platform Me’ gig between 1st January and 31st October 2023
  • 112.5 hours (15 days) on placements between 1st January and 31st October 2023
  • 4 hours to attend mentor meetings
  • 1 hour at an evaluation meeting


This opportunity is open to everyone, however applications from people who are currently under-represented in the UK arts sector are especially encouraged. This includes LGBTQIA+, women, trans and non-binary people, people from lower socio-economic backgrounds, people who are ethnically and culturally diverse, people who experience racism, and people who are disabled, d/Deaf, chronically ill, neurodiverse and those with caring responsibilities.


Payment – £2,137.50

Commitment – 30 days across 12 months

Apply here with either a written or video/voice recorded application of no longer than 10 minutes

Application deadline Monday 28th November 2022 at 1pm

Application help is available via an informative Zoom call on Wednesday 2nd Nov at 5pm. Email MeganHydes@Leeds2023.co.uk to join

Short listed applicants will be invited to a n in person session on Thursday 8th Dec at 5pm


Read more about the opportunity here



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