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Game Republic – 90% Funded Training Bootcamps

Gemma Colley

Game Republic – 90% Funded Training Bootcamps

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Game Republic are supporting Mastered (one of their Educational Partners) on a training programme across West Yorkshire for the games industry. There are 15 places available that are 90% funded for training from mid-to-senior levels within your company (£350 per person).

Recruitment has just started to give you an early view of what is available.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity please email

This opportunity is only available for studios based in West Yorkshire. The funding is in place until March 2024 and is limited.

See deck below for information, content types, career examples which shows you what the training entails and how flexible it is for your company and employees. The deck includes concrete examples of the different business needs, menu of topics, and job roles Mastered has supported on similar schemes across the country.

Deck on studio training

Mastered is a specialist games industry training company – instructors are all from the games industry and profiles can be shared with studios. More info on Mastered here:

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