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Get Heard at Kirklees Year of Music!

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Get Heard at Kirklees Year of Music!

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Are you aged up to 19? Do you know any budding musicians or emerging bands? Share your music for the chance to be selected to feature in HERD.

HERD is a musical and sculptural odyssey of epic proportions. Devised by composer Orlando Gough and produced by leading arts production company, Artichoke, HERD will take place around Kirklees during July 2023 as part of Kirklees Year of MusicThis KYOM23 flagship project is a ground-breaking collaboration between artists, musicians and hundreds of schoolchildren and community members.

Over six magical days from 11 – 16 July 2023, 23 larger-than-life sheep, unlike any you’ve ever seen or heard, will appear in surprising places across the beautiful Kirklees countryside. The sheep have been designed by Huddersfield-based artist Dave Young, working with heritage craft practitioners, each having its own unique identity. Wired for sound, these musical sheep sculptures will sing original compositions into the landscape, moving from the rural boundaries of Kirklees as they are herded towards town and city.

Each sheep featured in HERD is a “speaker” with its own unique look and soundscape. Jiggit is all about the youth of Kirklees and the music and sounds that inspire you. This opportunity is open to anyone aged up to 19 based in Kirklees and the surrounding area. You don’t need to be a singer or even a musician to take part. The sounds that represent your voice and your community is what is wanted!

Get involved by sending recordings of your original music as an individual or as a group. The genre of recordings can include:

  • Instrumental
  • Bands of all sizes
  • Soloists
  • Spoken word
  • Poetry
  • Electronic beat samples

The organisers would love to hear what inspires you so that Jiggit the sheep can truly represent your musical interests.

Please note, if you are 15 years or younger you will need parental or guardian consent to take part. Please supply their details as part of your application.

Upload your audio file to the SOUNDSCAPE SUBMISSION FORM

Contact if you need help with your submission.

Application deadline: 11:59pm, Sunday 4 June

Event dates:

Herd will take place over 11 – 16 July 2023 as part of the Kirklees Year of Music.

Event taking place at: Kirklees

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