Helen Riddle, Jim Souper, Helen Thomas and Tony Wade: Pathways

Andy Campbell

Helen Riddle, Jim Souper, Helen Thomas and Tony Wade: Pathways

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Date: 24/11/2021
Opening hours 17:00 – 21:00

Venue: 42 Bishopgate Walk, The Ridings Shopping Centre, Wakefield

A rare insight into the inspirations and processes behind the work of four artists, who are all studio holders at The Art House in Wakefield: Helen Riddle, Jim Souper, Helen Thomas, and Tony Wade.
In Pathways the artists identify a common thread that can be drawn through their diverse approaches, which include textiles, photography, drawing, walking and sound.

Helen Riddle is exploring aspects of ageing and dementia. What happens to memories when neural pathways are disrupted? Are there some things we would prefer to forget? How do we navigate when the pathway is shifting and what can society do to help?

Jim Souper uses photography to consider the relationship between the human and natural landscape. In his current project, Encounters with the Calder, he observes the stark beauty of the River Calder through a series of walks and explorations along its banks.

Helen Thomas continues to develop themes from her project Dandelions and Double Yellows. Helen’s monochrome drawings, informed by often over looked and sometimes contentious urban wild plants, reflect the changes that autumn brings to Wakefield’s rebel flora.

Tony Wade’s project, Andromeda, is an exploration of how seemingly random interactions with stories and landscape can generate a musical score, how to walk from Knottingley to Goole by a canal and not fall in, and how you might need a fishing license for sculpture

This is a one night only, pop up exhibition as part of Artwalk


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