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PPL Momentum Accelerator

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PPL Momentum Accelerator

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The PPL Momentum Music Fund offers grants of £5k-£15k for UK based artists/bands to break through to the next level of their careers. Activities eligible for support include recording, touring and marketing. It is a targeted scheme to support the development of outstanding artists and bands who are writing their own music, and future Industry Professionals, outside London and who face additional barriers in reaching a crucial career tipping point based on their location.

Through the evaluation of our PPL Momentum Music Fund and evidence from thousands of applications PRS Foundation receives each year, we identified talent pipeline gaps across the UK. Many music creators show strong musical potential but are unable to capitalise upon this due to financial barriers, gaps in regional infrastructure, knowledge, advice, and access to industry platforms.

PPL Momentum Accelerator’s long-term approach supports the development of these outstanding artists and bands outside London, with partners providing support for a number of future industry professionals such as managers, promoters, record labels, music publishers, booking agents, to bolster regional scenes across the UK.

Launched as a pilot in Liverpool in 2019, PPL Momentum Accelerator runs in Liverpool City Region, Yorkshire and Wales.

The PPL Momentum Music Fund has 4 deadlines a year and aim to communicate results back to all applicants with a decision within 8 weeks of a deadline passing.

Application deadline: The PPL Momentum Music Fund has 4 deadlines a year.

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