Rebel Creatives

Andy Campbell Marketing and PR, Mentors


Company Overview

Rebel Creatives are an award-winning content creation agency and training provider with decades of experience working in the communications, marketing, design and social media sectors for brands all over the world. We specialise in high-quality creative short-form and live video content creation with a focus on cross social media campaigns, branding, strategy and clever storytelling. We currently deliver in-person and online training sessions as well as one-to-one mentoring on topics such as social media, branding, design, digital and short-form video. We run digital bootcamps, design new modules for universities and lead on a number of digital and upskilling initiatives around the UK.

Areas of Specialism for Mentoring

  • graphic design
  • content creation
  • social media strategy
  • brand guidelines
  • live streaming
  • short-form video.
  • social media

Amrit Singh, Creative Director


Amrit Singh (@mrasingh) is an award winning creative, artist, mentor and digital influencer from Birmingham. With a degree in graphic design and a masters in communication design with entrepreneurship, combined with over a decade of experience working in the design and advertising industry, Amrit has worked with top companies around the world producing first class digital initiatives and delivering successful campaigns. He is the creative director at Rebel Creatives, a content creation agency and training provider specialising in creative short-form and live video content with a focus on social media and storytelling, as well as delivering training sessions and digital bootcamps around the UK. Amrit has several years of experience lecturing at universities, mentoring for similar programmes and workshop delivery across the UK, including providing training for BBC Academy’s Digital Cities in Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and Belfast. He is also a Twitter Live ambassador and part of TikTok’s influencer creator group.