Digital Culture Network

Meet your Digital Culture Network

R Hollis

This autumn Digital Culture Network (DCN) are hosting a series of events to introduce the Digital Culture Network offer to organisations and individuals who haven’t previously engaged with them, and those looking for a refresh on who DCN are and how they can help. The DCN provides free support to individuals and organisations from across the creative and cultural sector …

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Managing rights for online content

R Hollis

Whether you are translating an existing offering to an online space, or creating something brand new for a digital audience, you’ll need to establish clearly defined permissions for how you are using the work. This session will go through: What’s involved with securing digital rights How to factor rights and clearances into your production timeline or artistic process Some of the challenges, and pitfalls to avoid

Wakefield First

Social Media Advisor Session

R Hollis

Are you a business owner struggling with social media and want to maximise your business presence? Having a social media presence when running a business is becoming increasingly important. Regardless of your business size social media should be a key part of your business marketing strategy. Social Media can help you connect with your customers, create brand awareness, increase your …

the audience agency

People-Centred Practice: Involving Your Community

R Hollis

Practical ideas for involving your community by adopting a people-centred approach.   What do “people-centred”, “co-production”, “co-creation” and “participatory” actually mean in practice? And how do we bring the benefits to both our communities and our organisations? Designed for organisations thinking about taking new steps to work more closely with their communities, this session encourages practical experimentation with people-centred practice. …

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Audience Development (North)

R Hollis

Join us at The Principal, York for a day of bespoke training for heritage organisations on the subject of finance and business management. This training is being delivered as part of our Heritage Compass training programme, which we have decided to open up to the wider heritage sector – you will join our current programme participants for a day of wider connection, discussion and …

Catalysts for Culture

Catalysts for Culture: Why your city needs a producing hub

R Hollis

Calling all strategic decision-makers, cultural leaders, and funders in the arts and culture sector. We invite you to be brave, do things differently, and embrace risk. Join us for our conference Catalysts for Culture: Why your city needs a producing hub. A conference exploring our needs-led and artist-centred approach to place-based arts development ahead of becoming UK City of Culture 2025. …

Arts Impact Chat

R Hollis

This is an interactive podcast for people in the arts, culture and heritage sector who are interested in venues, contemporary or classical music, music education or social impact and investment. Featuring Angela Dixon, CEO of Saffron Hall in conversation with Seva Phillips, Head of Arts and Culture Finance. Angela Dixon has been Chief Executive of Saffron Hall since 2014. Previously …

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Support Hub Q&A Session

R Hollis

From 2023 – 2026 Arts & Health Hub will be running a project called the Support Hub which is a range of support programmes for artists exploring health and wellbeing in their practice. This includes: Peer to peer support for artists with lived experience of mental health difficulties. Professional development groups. Clinical supervision for artists working in challenging environments. One-to-one …