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jayne machin

Artist (she/her)

What I do:

My work is inspired by the natural world and changes in the environment. I have had a career of over 25 years in textiles, printmaking and painting, making my work a collection of vibrant, thought-provoking, and multilayered artworks that are created over long periods of time. My work ranges from natural forms surrounded by bursts of colour, to abstract minimalist prints using mixed media, collage and textiles. Currently working on wet felted pieces inspired by environments around Wakefield.

What steps I took to get where I am now:

I graduated with a degree in Textiles from Manchester Polytechnic and went on to teach art. I left a full-time art teaching career and decided to take the plunge and go it alone as a practising artist 3 years ago. Building a studio in the back garden as a workspace has given me a wonderful environment in which to be creative and productive. Producing work to exhibit and creating a website to showcase it, has given me a platform to share my work. Taking part in the ‘Digital Challenge’ for the Wakefield food and drink festival in 2019 gave me a kick start to developing work for a theme I loved. Inspired by Wakefield Rhubarb I created a body of work which I then went onto exhibit at part of the Wakefield Artwalk in January 2022. Currently also exhibiting at York Gate Garden, Leeds I have created a collection of botanical-inspired art prints and felt works that will be on display until February 2023.

What creative opportunities I'm looking for:

I want to get my work seen, so exhibition opportunities would be great, either solo or group shows. Funding for further project ideas too would also enable me to carry on producing work using good quality materials. I’d like to produce larger work but funding would be needed to do this. I’d love to work with a fashion designer and/or interior designer to see my work taken into fabrics for clothing, accessories, wallpaper and soft furnishing. I’m interested in commissions which would suit my style of artwork such as producing work for specific settings such as Nostel Priory Walled Garden. I’d love the opportunity to work with a fashion or interior designer to create fabrics and wall coverings based on my work. I’d love to create stage sets and backdrops for theatrical, physical theatre or dance productions. My works reproduce well digitally and using repeat or mirrored patterns for surface design would be great.

An unexpected thing about me:

I am currently also studying for a Post Graduate Diploma in Garden design just for the interest and to keep me on a learning curve!

My proudest moment:

Being successful in my application for the digital challenge for the Rhubarb Festival 2019. Then, getting into my studio and produced work, for my current exhibition on display at York Gate Garden, Adel, Leeds. Creating my own website without any help or previous experience. Recently got a small grant from Cultural Grants Wakefield to fund my new project, ‘Spaces to be…’ and currently working on it!

My dream creative collaboration:

I’d love to see my work reproduced as fashion or interior design fabrics so working with a designer or company that produces such products would be good. I’d love to be commissioned to produce work inspired by Walled Garden at Nostel Priory and then display it there. I’d love to work bigger and produce work for projection, murals or stage sets and fine art prints of my pieces be enlarged for interior settings.

What does Wakefield mean to me?
A Yorkshire city surrounded by green space. It has a stunning cathedral smack bang in the middle. We have two world-class art galleries full of work by two of the most influential artists of the 20th century. Great commuter links to welcome more visitors.
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