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Jennifer Murdoch


What I do:

Hi I’m Jen and I own Rainbow Playrooms – a Montessori-inspired play centre for babies and preschoolers. Play is zoned into 5 distinct areas: IMAGINE, CREATE, READ, SENSORY AND RELAX. Families explore various artists, cultures and themes together.

What steps I took to get where I am now:

Taking my inspiration from the rainbows the created through the pandemic, Rainbow Playrooms has been the ultimate labour of love.

Personally I left a long-held teaching career to venture into entrepreneurship during a pandemic. Some might call that crazy. Since trading began I have lost my dad and gone through cancer treatment and I cannot imagine doing anything else despite the stresses running a business entails. I started with a well-written business plan, a small start-up loan and a lot of passion and swagger! To get to now has been all about getting to know people, building good relationships, realising who the ‘bad apples are’ and simply doing your best.

What creative opportunities I'm looking for:

As we work with families and young children on a daily basis we love working with other individuals and groups who can benefit this group. We are particularly interested in working with digital arts.

An unexpected thing about me:

Everyone thinks I am ‘a good girl’ but I spent a good deal of my life before teaching making a lot mistakes. I do think think this has helped me do what I do now though. I want children to realise their true potential without feeling the need to escape with drink and drugs and other unhelpful crutches. I believe we can turn things around by talking about feelings, being kind and offering the arts to all.

My proudest moment:

Taking my daughter to Rainbow and watching her immersed in her own world.

My dream creative collaboration:

a VR company or artists who could inspire our BAME visitors.

What does Wakefield mean to me?
I moved here as a baby and grew up here hating it! I went to Bretton where you struggled to get a phone signal and could not wait to move away. I returned with my own family 10 years ago and see Wakefield totally differently! I love the place and get exci
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