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Development & Events Officer

What I do:

As Development & Events Officer at Theatre Royal Wakefield, I am responsible for the Theatre’s membership scheme, promote individual giving, and oversee the Legacy giving programme. Additionally, I create content for social media, the website and newsletters to members and supporters. I organise a programme of fundraising events throughout the year, whilst also overseeing event hires.

What steps I took to get where I am now:

I studied English Literature and Theatre Studies at the University of Leeds and participated in extra-curricular performance societies throughout my degree. I particularly enjoyed taking up behind the scenes roles, including assistant directing then producing. I also absolutely loved going to the Edinburgh Fringe, both as a performer and as research for my final degree performance.
My interest in public speaking was reflected in my part time role as Forum Facilitator at the Student Union, which sparked an interest in student politics, inspiring me to run for the Student Exec. I was successfully elected into the post of Union Affairs Officer at LUU, representing students for a year after graduating.
Following this, I came to a crossroads, considering whether to continue seeking work in higher education or return to theatre. Reading the job description for my current role at Theatre Royal Wakefield reminded me how passionate I am about working in this environment.
Upon staring my role, I found a mentor through Creative Access, who has helped me to explore my current responsibilities and consider where I would like to go next, over the last six months. I am about to start meeting with a new mentor.
I’m ambitious about progressing towards a leadership role in the performing arts sector; I’m aiming to broaden my knowledge and skills through the Creative Leadership Programme, a partnership between Creative Wakefield and the University of Leeds.

What creative opportunities I'm looking for:

I’m currently looking to remain in my role, as I am still learning. Eventually, I am keen to remain in the performing arts sector but move into different departments. I’d like to try roles where I get to use my creativity and work more closely with participants.