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Vicky Shepherd

Marketing Trainee and Freelance Designer

What I do:

Creative freelance work specialising in social media and branding. Currently supporting Creative Wakefield’s launch of their summer s’cool

What steps I took to get where I am now:

After completing my Undergraduate study in BA(Hons) Fashion Management and Communication, at Sheffield Hallam University in 2021, I am now working towards a Masters Degree in International Fashion Business Management at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Through various freelance roles and internships (and years of retail work) I have found my passion in graphic design and communications. Due to the harsh nature of the fashion industry, I have worked in some questionable fast fashion brands getting any experience I could gain; although my experience in these brands was not my goal, it has pushed me to realise I thrive in environments where care and positivity are the main attributes.

Coming towards the end of my study I have been looking to grow my experience in these areas, focussing heavily on mental health and social positivity, it is this passion that led me to Creative Wakefield. My new role allows me to be creatively free and work in an area that will positively impact the future of Wakefield’s younger generations!

What creative opportunities I'm looking for:

I’m looking to meet and build professional relationships with like-minded creative individuals that hold similar goals and values to myself!

An unexpected thing about me:

My birthday is bonfire night!

My dream creative collaboration:

Very big dream – but – I would love to work with Vivienne Westwood. I make bags as a hobby and to design a bag with Vivienne would be my career made, there would be no higher achievement than to work in partnership with the Queen of Punk!

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