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Creative developer

What I do:

Stride work with individuals and groups to support their ideas and creativity by using drama, dancing, singing and games.
Stride sessions are for all the family or for individuals to have fun, engage with others, be active, creative and much more.
We give the time and help needed for each person to have opportunities to create their own piece within the sessions by developing relationships and providing open communication to enable everyone to be heard.

What steps I took to get where I am now:

Stride Theatre has developed sessions over the years that are tailor made for each individual. We ensure everyone has a voice and are valued. This has gained us a good reputation with various councils, funding providers and our members.

What creative opportunities I'm looking for:

Stride Theatre is available for any work that involves people who need extra care and attention, we have worked with SEN as well as mainstream. We can be flexible to deliver sessions that put the individuals or groups first. We use our all inclusive approach to create drama, art work, dance pieces and any other creative way the participants are interested in.

An unexpected thing about me:

Stride works with all ages. Our current age range is 6months to 70years

My proudest moment:

Stride was able to continue through Covid and provide the much needed help and assistance to the people of Wakefield. We have had other highlights such as the ‘museum if the moon’ and ‘word fest’

My dream creative collaboration:

Strides heart is to work with anyone who shares our values of giving people a voice and an experience to better their health and well being.

What does Wakefield mean to me?
Wakefield is the core of Stride as this is where we have our foundations built. We love engaging with it's residents and feel Wakefield has so much to offer.
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