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Taylor J Bellwood

Visual Artist

What I do:

Taylor J Bellwood is a mixed media Visual Arts student inspired by human form and the intimate imperfections which make up our own self-image. Within her practice, she combines photography with textiles by experimenting with ways of printing her own self portraits onto fabric- including cyanotypes. Taylor has also worked with film to create empowering and immersive installations.

What steps I took to get where I am now:

Her most recent installation (which featured in January’s Artwalk Wakefield) included a distressed slip dress reworked with hidden messages and signs of visible mending. Projected onto it is a powerful waterfall which she captured to illustrate the strength it takes to build yourself back up again. Through her practice, Taylor explores the distortion of self- image which many people face as well as her own journey with body dysmorphia. She quotes, ‘I hope that by displaying my work I can empower others to look themselves in a new light.’

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