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Rob Young

Writer / Artist

What I do:

Rob Young is an award-winning writer and artist. He trained in Design, spent 13 years in photography and 20 more writing for the UK’s biggest film, TV and theatre companies, including the BBC, Channel 4 and National Theatre. He has written everything from a Christina Ricci movie to Google’s first play. Rob has just had 100 of his poems built into the streets of Kent. Rob has spent the past 8 years helping the NHS to communicate in a way that is warm welcoming and accessible to all.

What creative opportunities I'm looking for:

In a nutshell, “How can I help?”

An unexpected thing about me:

As an expedition photographer, I once spent four weeks living in a cave.

My proudest moment:

I am a veteran so have clocked up many proud moments. I helped a young Cancer survivor write her first novel. I got another schoolgirl’s writing shown on buses all over London. I led 70 young people up the Himalayas, which felt big, and helped a child with chronic pain to share their story, that was intimate. I created the first online play for the RSC and hosted a gay play in a football stadium. But my proudest moment was when an NHS worker said that, “Rob Young gives a voice to the voiceless”

What does Wakefield mean to me?
I live in Yorkshire, so this is my home and my community.
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