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Ekaterina Sheath

Freelance Illustrator

What I do:

Through community engagement, on-location drawing, and research, I share hidden stories and transform local spaces into cultural assets. A core value is representation: celebrating diversity and equality. I enjoy working with social organisations to bring engaging and educational illustrations to communities.

What steps I took to get where I am now:

BA Illustration Graduate from Leeds Arts University

My clients include: Leeds City Council, Leeds BID, The Queens Hotel, Wellspring Academy Trust, Canal & River Trust, and Kiezfonds Lichtenberg (Berlin). I recently worked with Historic England and Wakefield Council, as part of the Upper Westgate Heritage Action Zone, to create a series of twenty-eight public realm installations.

What creative opportunities I'm looking for:

Fuelled by a keen interest in local heritage and oral story-telling, my work is heavily research-based. With each project I seek to build an understanding from a variety of resources: I love delving into archives, sifting through libraries and connecting to local societies and residents.

My practice centres around how contemporary illustration can be used as a tool to encourage public engagement with local heritage. Driven by a process of collaboration and research, the relationship between history, location and community is a constant source of inspiration in my work.

I am looking for creative opportunities related to heritage, public realm, street art installations and community. If this sounds like you please get in touch!

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