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Creative Partnership

What I do:

SPARK aims to ensure that child in Wakefield, will be inspired to take part, enjoy and benefit from the rich arts & cultural experiences across the district. To be a champion for arts, culture, and creativity, removing barriers and raising awareness with schools & families to support access in and out of formal education. Working in partnerships, sharing ideas & resources to develop an exciting, progressive cultural offer that can enhance the lives, pathways and voices of all young people.

What steps I took to get where I am now:

SPARK is the Local Cultural Education Partnership (LCEP) in Wakefield and is made up of a group of leaders from public, private and voluntary sectors. The LCEP was established in response to Arts Council England’s October 2015 Cultural Education Challenge

The partnership was formally established by a number of partners across Wakefield with support from IVE, Yorkshire and the Humber’s ACE Bridge organisation in March 2016. SPARK is made up from the following sectors: Local Authority, Further Education, Schools, Arts and Cultural Organisations, Freelance artists, Youth Sector, Public Health and others.

SPARK will do this through a focus on three interrelated strands:

(1) Creative Voices – Putting the voice of children and young people central to design and delivery of cultural provision for and with their peers in Wakefield.

(2) Creative Paths – Developing and signposting creative pathways across the cultural and creative sector. Focusing on place-based learning to raise awareness, build skills, broaden aspirations and widen horizons of local children and young people.

(3) Creative Lives – This strand cuts across all SPARK’s work. It develops creative opportunities that support the emotional and physical wellbeing of children and young people and their families, building their resilience and confidence.

What creative opportunities I'm looking for:

SPARK is very keen to work with any group, organisation or freelance practitioner involved with arts and culture for young people. The partnership is currently focusing on two key areas:

(1) Youth Voice is exploring the barriers between young people and arts and culture to find ways of overcoming them. This will entail finding ways to ensure young people have a say in shaping Wakefield artistic and cultural landscape.

(2) Culture On Your Doorstep will deliver a series of CPD sessions to schools in the coming months around Cultural Capital and Place-Based Learning. We want to give teachers the tools and connections to help their students engage with Wakefield’s culture and heritage, in a way that is relevant to them.

We are also looking to champion the great work that already exists through #onegoodthing

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