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National Coal Mining Museum


What I do:

Journey 140m underground and discover 180 years of mining history. Find out about the people and communities at the heart of the industry and uncover how the miners lived at work and play. Explore acres of woodland, spotting plants and wildlife and find out how the excess water from the mine is cleaned and pumped back into a local river. Then let off some steam in our Adventure Playground!

What creative opportunities I'm looking for:

A trip to the National Coal Mining Museum creates powerful, meaningful and memorable experiences that last.

The Museum aims to keep coal mining alive by collecting and preserving the industry’s rich heritage, creating enjoyable and inspiring ways to learn for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

Our Learning programme caters for all ages, with opportunities for visitors to learn new skills, both creative and practical. Examples include art and craft classes, science and engineering workshops, performances and more.

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