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Printmaker and Surface Pattern Designer (She/Her)

What I do:

I am a surface pattern designer for home interior products and accessories. I’m a process-led designer-maker, specialising in screen printing and celebrating traditional printmaking processes within my practice.

Applying an innovative human-centred approach, I explore how design can improve well-being through sensory regulation, particularly for neurodivergent people. My process is greatly influenced by the time I have spent in community workshops.

What steps I took to get where I am now:

I studied graduated from Textile Design at Leeds Arts University in 2023 and am now based in Wakefield working on growing my freelance practice and textile product social enterprise.

I was diagnosed as autistic in 2021, much like many other women who receive late diagnoses of neurodiversity, this gradually shifted my creative practice to explore themes of sensory design and accessibility within textiles which is where my practice currently sits.

What creative opportunities I'm looking for:

I am open to facilitating workshops based around the arts, in particular printmaking or mark making, and would love to be approached by any potential venues. I am always also interested in visiting schools, colleges or universities to speak about my practice and how I have developed a career in the arts as a neurodivergent designer. I am also hoping to expand my range of stockists so would love to hear from anyone interested in stocking my product range in their store.

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