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Comedian, promoter and occasional scientist (They/them)

What I do:

I run Wakey’s longest running comedy night, Jockularity, at The Hop on the second Tuesday of the month. I’ve also run some pro-level nights in the city

What steps I took to get where I am now:

I started the comedy night in 2017 and have kept it going (apart from during Covid) since across four venues. I’ve been on the lookout for a venue to run a regular pro-level night

What creative opportunities I'm looking for:

I’m looking for an venue that is interested in putting on a comedy night. I’d also be interested in exploring the possibility of a small comedy festival in the city, especially as an event for Our Year in 2024

An unexpected thing about me:

I sttarted doing comedy when I live in Manchester during the early 00’s and have gigged with acts such as Sarah Millican and Jason Manford. They went on to have hugely successful comedy careers with stadium tours and TV specials. I went on to live in Wakefield and work in Barnsley

My proudest moment:

Successfully putting on a pro night as part of Wakefield Live at Boons on Westgate, despite the limited promotion and support from the organisers

My dream creative collaboration:

I want to work with the finest comedians in the country and from further afield. I’m a huge fan of Stewart Lee, Sarah Millican and Joe Lycett

What does Wakefield mean to me?
It's my home. I moved here in 2007 and I'm not going anywhere else
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