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Muhammad Joji

Medical History researcher, Family Genealogy , Novelist and Freelancer,

What I do:

With a passion for stories and history, I weave words as a novelist, delve into medical mysteries as a researcher, and uncover family secrets as a genealogist

What steps I took to get where I am now:

Hard work, training, passion and trust

What creative opportunities I'm looking for:

Narratives in words and visuals: Whether it’s weaving family stories through genealogy research or crafting captivating designs for logos, book covers, and wedding invitations, I help you tell your unique story. My expertise extends to Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power point

An unexpected thing about me:

To loose interest about my dreams and objectives

My proudest moment:

The day I started documenting my family ancestry and the day I completed

My dream creative collaboration:

To open an Institute to train students genealogy historians to rediscover family origins, roots and ancestry. Also to be an expert in visual history design of ancient landscapes and local history.

What does Wakefield mean to me?
Deeply motivated by my cultural and historical passions, I'm drawn to Wakefield's collaborative spirit. Their focus on connecting, informing, and championing creative and digital businesses, especially independent practitioners and cultural organizations,
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