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Simon Walker


What I do:

I’m a professional singer/songwriter and I’ve been lucky enough to work with various chart topping acts and perform both in the UK and abroad.

I help Wakefield Council with event programming as well being a practitioner on the summer s’cool boot camps and being a panellist for Unlimited.

As well as this I also run my own local music agency helping upcoming and established artists find suitable venues to perform.

What steps I took to get where I am now:

I’ve been playing and performing from my early teens and I’ve continued throughout my adult life by networking and meeting new people which opened up so many doors for me.

What creative opportunities I'm looking for:

I’m looking for any music performance/production opportunities as well as any panelist work for events potentially discussing motivational topics and setbacks that musicians face, I’m a disabled artist too and I feel like this is something I like to talk about.

My proudest moment:

I grew up listening to a Grammy nominated US rock band called Daughtry who massively influenced me, I was lucky enough to have Josh Paul the bassist perform on one of my tracks years later and this was a massive personal achievement for me.

My dream creative collaboration:

My dream collaboration would be to work with the legend Stevie Nicks, however I just want to network and meet new like minded people to create more creative projects.

What does Wakefield mean to me?
I was born in Wakefield and although I live in Dewsbury now, Wakefield has always felt more like home. I love the area and the heritage and I have so many great memories from the town.
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