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Gavin Whyte

Writer & Workshop Facilitator

What I do:

I am a writer of several books, such as The Girl with the Green-Tinted Hair and Happiness & Honey, and they’re all available on Amazon. Passionate about creativity of all kinds, and how being creative benefits our mental health, I run writing workshops that combine practices, such as meditation and mindfulness.

What steps I took to get where I am now:

I spent 6 years living and working in Taiwan. Whilst there I had many roles, from mentor, commissioned writer, and workshop leader. I was fortunate enough to be given the chance to write a children’s fantasy novella for one of Taiwan’s most prestigious movie directors, Wei Te Sheng. This book is now being adapted into a musical animation for the cinema. I ran adult workshops for the renowned educational organisation The School of Life, and also wrote and ran my own adult classes for a company called My Dear Teacher. The classes were: Dealing with Stress, Finding Happiness, and Death & Dying.

Prior going to Taiwan, I ran the first Death Cafe in Huddersfield Town, where people were invited to discuss all things related to death and dying. It was a great success, and helped shine a light on what is normally considered a taboo topic. Around the same time, I was also invited to speak at The International Day of Happiness in Huddersfield, which was also well-received. I have also written articles for glossy magazines, such as Watkins Mind Body Spirit, and Kindred Spirit.

What creative opportunities I'm looking for:

I would like to bring people together and help them express their thoughts and ideas on common themes, like love, hate, happiness, anger, money, sex, and death. I believe artistic expression to be a great tool in helping us get to know ourselves that little bit better. It can help us heal from past hurts and be an aid in navigating our emotional landscape. When we have an outlet for what we habitually internalise, we end up feeling lighter, we can breathe easier, sleep better, and begin to show ourselves and others more understanding and compassion.

An unexpected thing about me:

Whilst in Taiwan I was asked if I wanted to be an extra in a Martin Scorsese movie, starring Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, and Liam Neeson. Unsurprisingly, I said yes. So, for several seconds, I can be seen in the movie Silence, with mist all around from the natural hot springs. The air was filled with the smell of sulphur. Nobody can tell it’s me in the movie because I had a beard, and prosthetics to make it look as if I had been burned. I spent 3 hours in makeup and three seconds in the film.

My proudest moment:

I met my wife in Huddersfield, 2013. In 2016 we got married in Hong Kong. I think that was a moment to be proud of.

My dream creative collaboration:

I would like to have created amazing fictional books, short ones, with wonderful illustrations, containing a powerful portrayal of truth, with teachers such as Alan Watts, Ram Dass, J. Krishnamurti, Anthony DeMello, and even Bruce Lee. Sometimes the shorter books are the best. I’m thinking of The Little Prince and The Giving Tree.

What does Wakefield mean to me?
Originally from Huddersfield, Wakefield was always the place we went to visit my dad's nan. She was small and grey, and she lived in some tall flats, that had a dodgy lift and smelt funny. My wife and I moved to Ossett in Dec' 2023, and since then we have
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