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What I do:

I create fun and educational kids printables on Etsy, the age group I target is 4 – 11 years old. My items range from calendars, religious items, seasonal items, fun activities and educational helpers. I create my products so they are fun and engaging but they also learn a lot from them, I believe this to be the best form of learning.

What creative opportunities I'm looking for:

Currently I only sell digital files which the customer downloads and prints off themselves. I’m wanting to introduce physical items into my business, these include craft fairs where I would create packs or sheets and sell them physically. I am also interested in selling in creative shops like the Hepworth shop, Yorkshire sculpture Park shop and many more along those lines. In addition to this I’m very interested in creating bespoke products for places such as Hepworth, Sculpture park, Churches and Schools, this would be more of a collaboration where I create the products exactly for the customers needs and specifications.

My proudest moment:

My proudest moment would be reaching 100 sales on my Etsy shop, even though it’s not a large amount it was a big milestone I was aiming for, reaching this felt very rewarding. It really showed me that what I wanted to sell was viable and very possible to make this into a career and that my products we’re high quality because people wanted to purchase them.

My dream creative collaboration:

My dream collaboration would be with Hepworth art gallery, not only will it be a great opportunity for my business but it would be even more meaningful because I used to go there when I was a child to attend the workshops. To be able to create products for an amazing art gallery like Hepworth in my home town would be very special.

What does Wakefield mean to me?
Wakefield is my home, it is where I was born, raised and learned everything I know. Not only is it my home, it has a long history including a castle from the 12th century which was also a battleground during the war of the roses. There are also amazing ar