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David Clayton

Director of Policelot Ltd

What I do:

Policelot are a specialist TV & Film supplier of Police props, costumes, Police advisors, set dressing and supporting artists (film extras) to the creative industry, we even have a fully built police station set in the heart of Wakefield

What steps I took to get where I am now:

We build the business from the ground up but have always stayed faithful to Wakefield. Expansion has lead us to now move to central Wakefield and build a police specific film set available for hire.

What creative opportunities I'm looking for:

I’m a local lad born and bred and I want to see more filming brought to Wakefield and the surrounding districts to thrive in an industry that has only touched our area in a small way in the past, I hope to give back into the community and help build more relations that may bring more filming and much needed work and revenue into Wakefield, would greatly like to work with script righter’s and producers to help to Wakefield back on the map.

An unexpected thing about me:

I’m an Horologist

My proudest moment:

Difficult, but I’m proud every day our small business in Wakefield has supplied some of the largest TV & Film productions in the world

My dream creative collaboration:

To work hand in hand with other local suppliers and all the small businesses providing creative media services in the area

What does Wakefield mean to me?
Everything, its my home and always will be, thankfully we also employ local staff that we feel will in turn benefit Wakefield
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