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Charlie Davis

Playful Digital Illustrator + Designer

What I do:

I’m Charlie, a digital illustrator and designer based in Wakefield. I produce playful design and illustrations predominately aimed at children, play and education.

I design and illustrate for print, digital, signage and wall installations.

What steps I took to get where I am now:

From a very early age I have always loved illustrating and creating, but I never had the courage to pursue it as a career. It wasn’t until i was in my early 20’s I returned to my studies and completed a FDA in Film and TV Production and a BTEC in Fashion Design with a heavy focus on art and PR.

After I had my first child I decided to give illustration and design my all, and began self employment, producing designs and illustrations for different clients under my studio name ‘Seb & Charlie Design’.

This is my 9th year running the business and i’m incredibly proud of the opportunities i’ve had and the work I have produced for many different clients across some many different regions.

Every day is different to the next…i can be working on activity books, clothing patterns or large format wall installations. I love it and feel very lucky.

What creative opportunities I'm looking for:

I’m always keen to work on creative projects which require a playful and illustrative style and very passionate about the importance of play and educating children through playful design. My areas of expertise include illustration, branding, product design, prints & patterns and large format wall murals. I also work across editorial design and illustration for packaging and clothing.

I’m open to any projects so please get in touch if you have any opportunities in mind, i’m more than happy to chat through!

An unexpected thing about me:

My favourite colour is black.

…this will make sense when you look at the illustrations i create!

My proudest moment:

Becoming a mother to my two children.

I have a son and daughter and incredibly proud of them. Both of my children are very creative and it makes me so proud to see them create so freely without any worries or pressures. Creating as an adult has made me become quite focused on the idea of perfection and making every single piece of work exactly right, but when i see my children produce art in such a free way it reminds me to just enjoy the process and have fun with it.

My dream creative collaboration:

This is quite difficult as there are so many amazing businesses out there. The main businesses which pop straight to mind are House of Kin and Tigerplay. I have worked with both businesses in the past and think their brand ethos and product styles are beautiful.

I’d love to see my work used across products which provide positive outcomes to children and help educate them in a playful way.

What does Wakefield mean to me?
I was born in Wakefield in 1984 and have spent most of my life living here and locally, in Leeds whilst at university. I feel very lucky to live in a region which allows me to raise children in such creative surroundings.
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